You have to believe in the patient. The detail can give you the diagnosis

Clinical Case

A 54-year-old man was diagnosed with stage III lung adenocarcinoma. He started  chemotherapy treatment with Carboplatin and Etoposide. He was a heavy drinker, but in the last ten years he has been following a special program for addiction, with periodic alcohol blood tests.

Clinical Evolution

One day, the patient went to the oncology clinic very worried because he tested positive for alcohol at the Rehabilitation Centre. He denied  any contact with alcohol, including  liquid, food or candy. The doctor believed to the patient and tried to find an explanation for the positive alcohol test. The first thing she did was to review the complete list of drugs that the patient was taking. She found something interesting and a definitive answer.

What do you think would be the reason for the positive alcohol test  in the case of this patient?

  1. A false positive test
  2. The patient was drinking alcohol
  3. The chemotherapy
  4. Other reason

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