Bone findings in cancer patients mimicking metastases (1)

Barbershop. Rotterdam

Bone metastases are most frequent in breast and prostate carcinomas,lung cancer, thyroid and renal carcinoma. Bone metastases will be present in almost two-thirds of patients with advanced disease from these tumors .Cancer patients are the subject of many tests ordered during the staging and follow-up and it is not uncommon to detect bone lesions not related with the cancer diagnosis, a really challenging situation with prognostic and therapeutic implications…

These findings could be classified into several categories: A) they were present before the cancer diagnosis; B) they could be present or not before the cancer diagnosis, but they were detected during the staging period and follow-up; C) they were a consequence of cancer treatment; D) they were the result of new products secreted by the tumor.
We will gradually present here some of these findings, which have to be taken into account to reduce the possibility of a diagnostic error.