William Osler legacy 100 years after his death


This is an excellent essay not only about Sir William Osler life but a reflection on Medicine.osler2

A selected paragrapf from the article:

“For Osler an education is “a preparation” “to recognize that the truth is hard to attain, that mistakes must be acknowledged, regretted, and above all learned from”.Science and humanism cannot avoid mishaps rooted in errors; “Take as little as possible on trust.” The risks of being wrong cannot be separated from acquisitions and applications of knowledge. “Start out with the conviction that absolute truth is hard to reach in matters relating to our fellow creatures, healthy or diseased, that slips in observation are inevitable even with the best-trained faculties, that errors in judgement must occur in the practice of an art which consists largely in balancing
probabilities.” “The best doctor, like the successful general, is the one who makes the fewest mistakes”. The
avoidance and correction of mistakes are a primary task in Osler’s medicine.

Some Osler sentences spreading in the article:

“The best doctor, like the succesful general, is the one who makes the fewest mistakes”.

“Let the patient, with history and physical examination, tell you the diagnosis”.