Thoracentesis: an important detail

Thoracentesis: an important detail

Thoracentesis is a clinical procedure with two indications,  the first one  diagnosis, to know the characteristics of the liquid and to obtain a sample for biochemistry, cytology and a culture, and in the second place a therapeutic goal, to allow a normal ventilatory expansion of the lung .

Usually is a safe procedure and the adverse events are related to the possibility of bleeding , pneumothorax and pain.  The tube has to be closed after an amount of liquid is extracted , usually around half a liter every eight hours.

Technical problems: there are some problems associated with the procedure such as an obstruction to the flow and a problem with the insertion.

There is an important detail to keep the procedure on.

Which one do you think  we are talking about?

The tube needs to be cleaned almost every eight hours to maintain the permeability