Five things you can do in less than one minute in the Emergency Department, that can give you a diagnosis

Emergency Departments are overcrowded in most Health Services around the world. In addition, the clinical decisions must be undertaken in a short time, due to the seriousness of the clinical environment and the continuous admission of patients. Therefore, we propose five actions that you can do in no more than ONE MINUTE and can help you to reach or discharge a diagnosis.

These are the five points:


  1. Neck stiffness: it can give you the diagnosis of meningitis.
  1. Miosis or mydriasis: associated with neurological diseases or drugs.
  1. Dorsal sensory level: may be associated with spinal cord compression.
  1. Breast inspection: nipple retraction, erythema, nodule.
  1. Explore calves: you can rule out deep vein thrombosis