Do we have to re-biopsy a cancer recurrence?

Cómo cambia la biopsia el manejo de[1]

Diagnosis is associated to the initial assesment of a clinical problem. But in some chronic diseases such as many cancers we must be sure if we are in front of the same tumor or a different one. Breast cancer is the paradigm of this situation…

Breast cancer survival has improved due to more specific and effective treatment. Patients live significantly longer and recurrence are common. In this situation, is it worthy to take a new biopsy of the recurrence? Some preliminary data have shown a 40% level of  discordance  between the initial diagnostic information and the new one obtained after a new biopsy, for instance the HER-2 status or the hormonal receptors profile.  Not only patient expectatives or methodological issues are involved in this decision, also the possibility of new treatment options.

You can access a presentation here: rebiopsy cancer