Think twice: antidote against error

La Carraca, Cavaleiro, Portugal

A biopsy is the gold standard in oncology to confirm a diagnosis. In some occasions an increase  of a laboratory value like the PSA antigen together with bone abnormalities can give origin to a prostate cancer misdiagnosis. Here also a biopsy is mandatory…

CLINICAL CASE: A 72-year-old man had a diagnosis of   benign prostatic hyperplasia three years ago with a progressive increase of the PSA antigen reaching  a value of 17 ng/ml. At that time the patient had a complete evaluation and some bone abnormalities were detected in the CAT/scan with data that could be related with metastases from prostate cancer. We will show here the images.



What do you think is the correct next step?

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FINAL DIAGNOSIS:  Paget Disease after a bone biopsy