Skeletal abnormalities in newborn: a question of detail

Skeletal abnormalities can be present in a new born. Some are usually detected  after the paediatrician examines the boy or girl, like hip dysplasia. Others can go undetected when attention is not given even in  minor signs or symptoms.

Undiagnosed for 30 years


Some articular diseases for infants and young children


Dysplasia of the Hip Relatively common
Proximal femoral focal deficiency Uncommon

Hypoplasia of the proximal femur

Unilateral 90%
Acute transient synovitis The most common non-traumatic hip disorder 2-10 years of age
Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease Syndrome. Idiopathic avascular necrosis of the femoral epiphysis
Snapping hip syndrome Posterior iliotibial band over the greater trochanter Audible or palpable “snap” with certain movements