Context is basic in the diagnosis of a zoonosis

Rice field, Thailand

We present here two images related with an exposure to enviromental agents that transmit a disease to a human being.The first one (A) was extracted from the feces of a patient after a travel to a developing country. The symptoms referred for the patients were abdominal pain and rectorragia.The second image (B) was obtained from a 70-year-old man working with cows in a  dairy farm  in Spain.

Figure B. Extrapulmonary tuberculosis,            M. bovis.



Figure A. Ascaris lumbricoides


The cycle of ascaris included the small intestine, liver and lungs,  where it produces cough, dyspnea and eosinofilia (Loeffler´s syndrome).

The main causative agents of bovine tuberculosis are M. bovis and M. capprae; there is a zoonotic transmission through close contact with infected cattle or comsumption of contaminated animal products.