A medical error in Urology. Next to the bladder, there is not only the prostate . An example of a premature closure

Clinical summary

A 70-year-old male patient had voiding difficulty for three years, sometimes with interruption of micturition after onset. He was being periodically reviewed in Urology and presented a prostatic hypertrophy with a volume of 62 cc, and due to the worsening of the symptoms, surgical intervention was decided.

Clinical course

The medical and nursing team planned the surgical intervention with the intention of removing the prostate. On the day of the operation, the patient was positioned for spinal anesthesia and placement of the bladder catheter. However, at the moment of starting to insert the catheter, an incidence appeared that put the actual removal of the prostate in second place.

Could you make a suggestion as to what is the unanticipated incidence, which would best explain the patient’s symptoms?

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