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RCA: a change in the pain


María is a 64 year-old woman. She works very hard at home, even with her daily back pain. She had a diagnosis of polineuropathy in relation to diabetes lasting for 20 years, causing pain in both legs. In the last year the pain has increased and is more intense on her right hip, it seems to be different, but her doctor associates the pain with her usual spine problems.. Continue reading RCA: a change in the pain

Should patients be undress while getting checked? A clinical case

Moeraki beach, New Zealand

CLINICAL CASE: A 72-year-old male had a diagnosis of rectal cancer with regional nodal involvement. He started treatment  with pelvic radiotherapy and concomitant chemotherapy previous to definitive surgery. One month after the treatment finished he went to the oncology clinic with an strong anal pain and rectorragia, and the doctor prescribed him some pain-killers after a diagnosis of proctitis related to the treatment, but without a physical examination. A definitive diagnosis was established in the fourth medical visit, more than five weeks since the first consultation..

If you were the doctor caring for the patient, what other diagnosis would you consider without more clinical information?

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