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Can we “suspect” a diagnosis “in advance”?

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Are we missing an important momentum?

Could we make a diagnosis “before” the devastating consequences of a subarachnoid hemorrhage?  Can we make an early  diagnosis of cancer only using the symptoms and signs of a person? The NHS in United Kingdom has established a four weeks period of time after a suspicion of cancer for a definitive diagnosis, but how a doctor can get this “suspicion”?  Continue reading Can we “suspect” a diagnosis “in advance”?

Advancing the science of measurement of diagnostic errors in healthcare: the Safer Dx framework



This is an important article written by Dean F Sittig and Hardeep Singh. Dr Singh is a human doctor and an expert in the Diagnostic error theory. Congratulationssingh2


Pattern recognition or Patient recognition?: a real clinical improvement


The Diagnostic Improvement theory is based in the assumption that two factors are involved in a diagnostic failure, the system, or the external environment, and the cognitive process of pattern recognition and decision making. Can we select a simple rule with an important impact for improvement?… Continue reading Pattern recognition or Patient recognition?: a real clinical improvement