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Definition of Diagnostic Error

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A diagnosis that was unintentionally delayed, was wrong or was not performed ” following the definition  published in September 2015 by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), now called the Health and Medicine Division (HMD), a unit of the National Academies of Science of United States, in the document “Improving the Diagnosis in Health Care”. Continue reading Definition of Diagnostic Error

Advancing the science of measurement of diagnostic errors in healthcare: the Safer Dx framework



This is an important article written by Dean F Sittig and Hardeep Singh. Dr Singh is a human doctor and an expert in the Diagnostic error theory. Congratulationssingh2


Nipple retraction: don,t stop your reasoning

CLINICAL CASE: A 45-year-old woman was attending the oncology clinic in a normal follow-up for a sarcoma on her left leg, now disease-free for at least three years. At the last visit she referred a nipple retraction. Her oncologist could have considered this finding as something common and without importance…but she didn,t stop thinking

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