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Diagnostic process: Doctor, I don´t feel well

El Nido, Philippines Islands


I met my patient, a 65-years-old man with a diagnosis of colon cancer without residual tumor, and diabetes type 2. He was on his third day in the hospital after a diagnosis of pneumonia. I said to him:you are going home tomorrow, but he said to me : doctor I don´t feel well… Continue reading Diagnostic process: Doctor, I don´t feel well

Can we share with the patient the diagnostic process? (english/spanish)



Hospital and primary care are the place where the diagnostic process is predominant. Both environment share common aspects of the process if we consider  a period of time of variable duration and  the presence of  decision algorithms selected based on the clinical expertise.

Aunque las situaciones para plantear un diagnóstico son diferentes entre los niveles de asistencia, llámese atención primaria u hospitalaria, en muchas ocasiones se requiere un proceso de duración variable en el que la petición de pruebas y algoritmos de decisión, están siempre presentes en la mente del profesional médico.

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Advancing the science of measurement of diagnostic errors in healthcare: the Safer Dx framework



This is an important article written by Dean F Sittig and Hardeep Singh. Dr Singh is a human doctor and an expert in the Diagnostic error theory. Congratulationssingh2