Improving medical diagnosis

Vitiligo: more than a change in color.

Vitiligo is a very well known disorder due to the loss of the melanocytes in the skin. The mechanism has not been totally elucidated, but an autoimmune reaction against the melanocytes is at the base of this clinical entity. The skin is the most common target, but the hair, including the eyelashes can be also affected.

Eyelashes vitiligo after immunotherapy treatment (courtesy of the patient)


Examples of missed opportunities for an earlier cancer diagnosis

Alpujarras, Granada, Spain

Some Situations prone to a missed diagnosis in cancer

Tumor Clinical situation
Lung cancer False negative X-ray: delays six times longer.

Superior sulcus tumours  treated for musculoskeletal shoulder pain.

Older and socially deprived groups




Larynx Performing mirror examination significantly shortened the professional diagnostic delay.

Women double probability of diagnostic delay

Upper gastrointestinal Taking acid suppression for symptoms delays the diagnosis
Gastrointestinal Inappropriate use of a rapid access to an endoscopy service
Cervix cancer Pregnancy: delayed diagnosis
Rectal cancer Negative barium enema within the year prior to diagnosis as a cause of the delayed diagnosis