Fluid on one side of the nose: is it cerebro-spinal fluid?

Fluid on one side of the nose


Sara got up one morning and as she went to wash her face, watery liquid came out of the left side of her nose. A 32-year-old healthy woman, she had seen  nothing like this before. The liquid increases as she tilted her head to the right. She had no trauma or fever in the previous days. Before this situation, she decided to go to the Emergency Department.

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More is not always better

Cape Cod

A 70-year-old patient was admitted with neutropenia, moderate thrombocytopenia, and fever, following  chemotherapy. starting with antibiotics until normalization of neutrophils. As platelets persisted in values ​​of 56,000 x109/L, a transfusion was decided. Three days later there was no improvement  in the level of platelets. Continue reading

Article review: Pulmonary Nodules in Patients With Nonpulmonary Cancer: Not Always Metastases

Madre de Dios
Madre de Dios River (Perú)

The publication by Caparica and cols. in the Journal of Global Oncology (Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2016) help to clarify  a challenging situation in Medical Oncology. When in the  follow-up of a cancer patient some new pulmonary lesions are detected is mandatory to know if they are associated with the tumor or not.

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The importance of the first clinical orientation


Author : Guillermo Ojeda Burgos. Internal Medicine. January 2016

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guilleThe clinical approach to a patient is something that we often speak in clinical settings but it is not easy to define. A good initial clinical approach determine the clinical course of the diagnostic process . I would like to consider some reflections about this subject.

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