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Real clinical scenario: How to put things together? A paresis


A 71-year-old woman went to the hospital with pain in her right abdomen, fever and chills, and a yellowish watery diarrhea. He had no vomiting or other symptoms. The patient had had an upper digestive haemorrhage 25 years ago. The patient was diabetic type II. The initial  diagnosis was gastroenteritis with radiological signs of transverse and left colitis

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How long does it take to a new diagnosis to be “popular”?

In some place around the “Four Corners” some years ago

Dedicated to Dr. Juan Pedro Macaluso, Hospital Angel Pintos, Azul, Argentina

A doctor only makes a diagnosis when he or she recognizes a disease. This knowledge is a product of practice, study, and curiosity. There are now more than 13.000 new diagnoses. Moreover, the new techniques of molecular Continue reading