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The New Diagnostic Challenge with Cancer Immunotherapy

Uncommon toxicities

Immunotherapy is now consolidated as a basic treatment of cancer. Tumors such as melanoma, kidney, and lung, have been the first to receive the benefits of this new treatment. Patients with bad clinical conditions can have an impressive tumor response,  usually after a “latency” period of 4-6 weeks. Continue reading


More is not always better

Cape Cod

A 70-year-old patient was admitted with neutropenia, moderate thrombocytopenia, and fever, following  chemotherapy. starting with antibiotics until normalization of neutrophils. As platelets persisted in values ​​of 56,000 x109/L, a transfusion was decided. Three days later there was no improvement  in the level of platelets. Continue reading


Falls and vision defect: what can be the connection?

Rome, Italy

I attended her in the last minutes of her life, and this allowed me to know her story. Fifteen years earlier, when she was on her sixtees, she began to fall on the street with some frequency. Several visits to the general practitioner, orthopaedic and rehabilitation were not very useful.

Continue reading